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During the most famous trial in history, a very important question was left unanswered. The question had been asked before by many thoughtful men, and has been asked many more times since, but the answer has not been forthcoming.

Innumerable attempts have been made to try and answer the question
“What is Truth?” Only one man has been able to give a satisfactory analysis of the word Truth. This website is based on the work of this man.

Aurelius Augustine was born in 354 AD and died 76 years later. The influence of his ideas still pervades all of civilization. Between the years 391 and 395 he wrote a small document with the title:
On Free Choice of the Will; [abbreviated in Latin to De Libero]. The document consists of three parts called ‘books’, each ‘book’ being about the length of a chapter in a modern book. Almost hidden in the pages of ‘book’ two, is his exposition of the word Truth.


This website is based on an over a decade-long, on-going study of  the Nature of Truth in thousands of references in Theology, Philosophy, Literature, History, Mathematics, Science and Logic. To see the extent of this study, please download the Extensive Bibliography below.

At this site you will find a
Unique, Satisfactory and Much Needed

Definition for the word Truth.

Much needed because the concept of Truth is inescapable.

because the definition fulfills the necessary and sufficient conditions for the concept of Truth.

Unique and unprecedented
because I believe it is unlike any other definition of Truth.

Those who are new to the subject might be surprised to discover that a valid definition for the word Truth has not yet been agreed upon by Theologians, Philosophers, Logicians and Mathematicians.

With the advantage of hindsight, and a long history of Theology, Philosophy, Mathematics and Logic behind us, only recently have we been in a position to understand Augustine’s definition of Truth correctly. The ancients were unable to interpret this definition correctly, because they did not experience the many dead-ends that the history of ideas traversed.


1- The Triumvirate of human wisdom has been found wanting:

a- There is no truth in Mathematics
b- There is no truth in Science
c- There is no truth in Logic

2- Philosophers, mathematicians and logicians have been unable to define the word Truth.

The most plausible theories of truth are listed, followed by their devastating critiques.

3- The definition of the word Truth as given by St. Augustine has been resurrected and interpreted in light of the above facts.


All of the pages on this website are arranged
Topically in Drop-down menus.

The many facets of the Nature of Truth are given over several pages and all relevant pages should be read for a more complete picture.

The Nature of Truth
topic contains the definition of the word Truth, its grammatical analysis and its interpretation.

The Background to the Nature of Truth
(noT) topic has several pages of vital information on the present state of the many Theories of Truth and answers to commonly asked questions.

The Nature of Science
topic gives statements by prominent scientists who have admitted that there is no truth in science.

The Nature of Numbers
topic presents extensive information on the nature of numbers, their nature, their uses and their impotence to describe reality.

The Nature of Logic
topic also contains quotes by eminent logicians that show the purpose and necessity of logic, the uses of the variety of logics, and the impotence of logic to arrive at any truth whatsoever.

The Nature of Knowledge
page establishes a solid epistemological foundation for all human knowledge.

Once the Nature of Truth is established, it becomes necessary to understand
The Nature of Names and Titles.

The Live Presentations
pages are easier to understand expositions of the nature of truth and related subjects.


The following PDF files are available for download
at this website.



The Nature of Truth

The Truth-relevant passages of Augustine’s De Libero, Book II,
in English

Brief Bibliography

Extensive Bibliography

Augustine’s De Libero in Latin

Aquinas- Truth- Q1

Critique of Numerics

The Original Code



No Truth in Logic

Hans Hahn Logic article

Other Documents Allegory of the Cave-Plato
Hoover- DontYouBelieveIt


I wish to thank members of my family who have been the involuntary audiences of my lectures and Christmas Eve presentations during our family get-togethers over the past decades. Their probing questions and fearless criticisms of my ideas have helped to sharpen my mind and crystallize my thoughts.

Furthermore, this work would not have seen the light of day without my wife’s encouragement, support and her endurance of many lonely evenings.

In addition I want to thank the following institutions for access to their libraries.

Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary
Andover-Newton Theological Seminary
Boston University
Boston College
Boston Public Library for providing access to JSTOR
Waltham Public Library for inter-library loans.

They are not associated with the 1TP Theory or this website.


… when I cite any author …  I cite him for the words quoted and no others. I do not mean to imply that he is in agreement with my essential position. I mean to imply no more than that the words quoted have interest and value in connection with the topic under discussion.
Leon Morris (1914-2006), Studies in the Fourth Gospel.


1TP = One True Proposition- the new theory of Truth based upon a new definition of truth, that there is only One True Proposition available to mankind at the present time.

noT = nature of Truth

noK = nature of Knowledge

noN = nature of Numbers

noS = nature of Science

noL = nature of Logic

nTnF= neither True nor False

nNT = nature of Names and Titles

De Libero = Abbreviation of Latin title of St. Augustine’s important work De Libero Arbitrio Voluntatis;
English:- On The Free Choice of the Will


The Nature of Truth

What is Truth?

Truth Defined

What is God?

Truth is Not

Searching for Truth?

Brief Bibliography

Truth Above All

Grosse Errors

Western Armenian

The Nature of Science

There is No Truth in Science

Science and Faith


The Nature of Numbers

There is No Truth in Numbers

Mathematics and Reality

Critique of Bible Numerics

Dr Nash and his truth

Mathematics is Not a Language

The Nature of Knowledge

The Nature of Knowledge

Erroneous Epistemologies

The Nature of the Copula

The Nature of Definitions

Background to the Nature of Truth

Truth Undefined and Undefinable

Theories of Truth

Truth & Christ

Questions and Answers

The Nature of Logic

There is No Truth in Logic

Neither True Nor False

Descartes’s Dictum Dismantled

God and Big Rocks

Problems Solved

The Nature of Names

The Nature of Names and Titles

Live Presentations

Truth & Freedom

Pasadena CA Message

The Unknowable God

Social Media Conversation

Blog Radio Interview

Hildegard on Truth

Miscellaneous Topics

The Image of God in Man

Who is a Christian?

God’s Will is Not a Secret

The Four Ways

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About the Author

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